Meet Ryan

Ryan grew up in Southwest Missouri, along with his two brothers. Coming from a highly competitive and creative family, he never met a challenge he didn’t like or couldn’t conquer.

Didn't matter if it was welding stainless TIG, being a counselor for the YMCA, or editing for youtube and live streaming channels, Ryan has always had a passion for learning new things and exceeding in everything he picks up. His life-long relationship with gaming and computers then naturally morphed into his own creativeness with web design.

A true Nerd Lord through and through, he hasn't done anything in the "nerd" community that he hasn't enjoyed. Whether it be racing in Monte Carlo up an ice-covered mountain in 4k, learning as many new tricks of the trade as he can when it comes to web design, or binge watching a show that he just discovered. A game of (modern) Magic: The Gathering anyone?

Since the love of cats seems to be a theme of the Teal Leaf staff, it must be noted that Ryan rescued Cat, short for Catarina, in the Fall of 2015. She's the best at ignoring his antics and vice versa.