Meet Nina

Nina came to Teal Leaf Designs with a background in art, graphic design, photography, writing, and web design. She was mostly self taught in the creative arts, until she took graphic design, art, and photography courses in University. She has since used her skills for personal and professional purposes, until she joined Teal Leaf Designs.

When it comes to art, this is where she really shines. Utilizing her artistic skills as a source of entertainment and an outlet, she has sharpened it in to something she can use in the professional world. With the graphic design and art classes she took in University, she was able to develop an advanced understanding of design and use that to cater and adjust to the various styles and needs of her clients.

Nina received her first camera at 15 and began her journey into photography. She eventually discovered the deviantArt community and has since remained a member; still posting her current work and learning from fellow artists. She has done various senior and family portraits, and weddings and still continues to do personal and creative photography.

She is currently finishing her Associates of Arts degree at a local Community college and will be complete in Fall of 2017.