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At Teal Leaf Designs, we offer web development services, graphic designs of all sizes, and continued support in web presence. Our dedicated team will make your vision into a reality by creating digital solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Located in Southwest Missouri, our fast-growing company is staffed with creative designers. We have the skill, ingenuity, and passion other companies lack. No matter the size, our designs are unparalleled.

Web development is always evolving, and our team is never behind. Our award-winning web developers make sure your web presence is both beautiful and current. Our company grows with the growth of the internet, as well as the growth of your ideas.

Teal Leaf is committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible. That is why we are a devoted 90% paperless company. We strive to leave timeless impressions without the waste.

Do you have a bright idea? Let us know about it. We can grow it into a reality with our fresh plans!

Web designer. Graphic designer. Ringleader. But most importantly, mother. Meet Beth.

Web designer. Graphic designer. Born with a keyboard in his hands. PC gamer. Lover of history...and pizza. Meet Ryan.

Graphic designer. Photographer. Multi-faceted artist. Amazing with words. Crazy cat lady. Meet Nina.

Meet Our Team

Web Design

The biggest plan you can have for your bright idea is to put it online. You aren't just letting your friends and family know about it. It is your chance to both impress and inform the whole world. Make that chance count!

Teal Leaf takes the guesswork out of having a website, from start to finish. Our award-winning web designers have evolved with the ever-changing rules of website development. We make websites that are sleek, elegant, and easy to navigate.

Graphic Design

A graphic is the simplest way to convey a meaning of something without saying or writing about it.

With Teal Leaf, our designers are bursting with creative ways to visually captivate. With the right colors, fonts, and elements, we consistently produce stunning graphics for our clients. Our experience includes logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, signs, t-shirts, wedding and other event invitations, and much more!

Ongoing Support

Some bright ideas just need a little extra TLC. If you have a website that is constantly growing, you will need vigilant upkeep. If you have lots of events, you will need the marketing tools for the job. Social media will need continuous updates to stay relevant.

With Teal Leaf, we can help you manage your evolving projects as they grow. Your bright idea may change, and we have the ability and know-how to adapt our plans with it. Our creative team is here to help!

Web Design

Beautiful, sleek websites by our award-winning coders.

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards, and more, all designed by hand.


Custom and stock photos, taken and edited by us.

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