Meet Beth

Beth has been in the design industry for over ten years. After teaching herself design in graphics and websites, she achieved her certification in HTML, CSS, and PHP through Harvard. She placed 1st in the EFMLS website contest, and 6th in the AFMS website contest in 2013. After leaving another branding company in 2015, she founded Teal Leaf Designs.

Growing up, Beth was surrounded by creative minds and artists. It is this upbringing that planted the seed of inspiration. Creating is as simple as breathing for her. When she was 17, she learned every shred of information she could get her hands on about design. A year later, with the advent of MySpace layouts, she jumped into web design head-first.

When she isn't creating websites or graphics for her clients, Beth enjoys creating space art. In 2010, she accepted an illustration project for a space-themed book, Hunters in the Void. She is also a giant nerd, in every sense of the word. Video games (mainly XBox), Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: the Gathering are all favorite pastimes of hers.

Most importantly, Beth is the mother of two amazing children, boy and girl. They are "the apple of her eye." She hopes to instill the same amount of passion and creativity in their lives.